International Hospitality Consulting

We provide consulting and legal services for tourism agencies, international hotels, hotel & hostel chains, asset managers and hospitality investment companies.

We help establish new projects and provide support services to the highest level of professionalism that facilitates our customers growth, sustainability, success and competative advantage.

Sustainability Consulting

We help drive the sustainable and responsible agenda within the global hospitality & travel industry. Our team helps develop strategies for long term sustainability, social responsibility and environmental performance for hospitality companies, tourism departments and travel companies.

Global Hospitality Formation Services

Global Hospitality Formation Services

We provide advice and support relating to the legal formation requirements & structure of global hospitality companies for the maximum commercial flexibility and ease of operations.

Sustainable Development Consultants

Sustainable Development Consulting

Our team provides sustainable development consulting to provide advice and assistance in developing green initiatives and a corporate social responsibility agenda that differentiates your hospitality business from the crowd.

Hospitality Brand Protection Consulting

Hospitality Brand & Trademark Protection

We assist your hospitality and travel business company in protecting its intellectual property with global brand registration, trademark protection to protect against infringements & brand-jacking.

Emerging Market Consultants

Emerging Market Investments Analysis

With the transformation of emerging markets from “old economy” to “new economy” we are an ideal partner to facilitate your hospitality companies entry into global emerging hospitality markets.

Environmental Impact Consultants

Environmental Impact Consulting

Our team helps hospitality & travel companies conduct environmental impact assessments, and strategic environmental assessments for their operations and future development plans to ensure they will conform to legal & local requirements.

Educational Services & Consulting

Educational Services & Consulting

Our team provides educational services, including custom seminars, events, and training in all areas relating to tourism sustainability, development, environmental impact and hospitality development.

Hospitality Legal Consultant

Hospitality Legal Advisory Services

We provide a range of legal advisory services for the global hospitality & tourism sector that help our clients reduce risk, acheive complience & build advocacy & sustainability into their business growth.

Tourism Development Consultants

Tourism Development Consulting

We assist local chambers of commerce and tourism agencies around the world in achieving their development goals to alleviate poverty, promote biodiversity, preserve cultural traditions & create meaningful employment.

Public Speakers Hospitality, Environment, Sustainable Development

Public Speaking & Events

As experts in hospitality & tourism with a focus on sustainable and environmental development our team is available for relevant public speaking engagements worldwide.